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Bernard Dubourdieu

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Bernard Dubourdieu (28 April 1773 – 13 March 1811) was a French rear-admiral who led the allied French-Venetian forces at the Battle of Lissa in 1811, during which he was killed.

Dubourdieu started sailing on a merchantman at 16, before joining the Navy in 1792. He quickly rose to ensign aboard the Entreprenant. He transferred to the frigate Topaze the next year in Latouche-Tréville's squadron.

Captured at Toulon by the British and transferred to Gibraltar, he escaped to Lorient. Promoted to enseigne de vaisseau, Dubourdieu sailed on the corvette Gaieté. Gaieté was captured and Dubourdieu was prisoned again until 1799.

Captured a third time in Alexandria in 1800, he was exchanged and promoted to lieutenant de vaisseau. In 1805, he was made a Frigate Captain. In 1807, he took command of the frigate Pénélope and captured 13 British merchantmen. On 27 February 1809, along with the frigate Pauline, he captured HMS Proserpine blockading Toulon.

On 23 October 1810, he raided Lissa and captured 6 ships in the harbour. He was then tasked to capture the island and establish a base there. Promoted to contre-amiral, Dubourdieu set sail with 6 frigates. In the ensuing Battle of Lissa, the French were routed and Dubourdieu was killed.

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