list of the 100 largest counties in the United States

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list of the 100 largest counties in the United States

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This is a list of the 100 largest counties in the United States by population. The list is based on the population estimates for July 1, 2009, the most recently released estimates from the United States Census Bureau.[1] It is not based on an actual count of population, as the United States conducts a head count census only once every ten years, most recently in 2000. To create this estimate, the Census Bureau starts with the base number as determined during the most recent decennial census, and then estimates births, deaths, and net migration based on various sources to establish the final number.[2]

The estimates released by the Census Bureau are not final, and are often disputed. Numerous local jurisdictions challenged their 2006 population estimate. For example, Baltimore City successfully challenged its original census estimate, resulting in a revised population estimate that moved Baltimore two places higher on the list.[3] In addition to challenging official Census estimates, several states perform population estimates using a different methodology than the Census Bureau. California, for example, has released population estimates that generally exceed Census figures significantly.

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