National Wild and Scenic Rivers System

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National Wild and Scenic Rivers System

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National Wild and Scenic River is a designation for certain protected areas in the United States.

The National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was an outgrowth of the recommendations of a Presidential commission, the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (ORRRC). Among other things, the commission recommended that the nation protect wild rivers and scenic rivers from development that would substantially change their wild or scenic nature. The act was sponsored by Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) and signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson on October 2, 1968. A river or river section may be designated by the U.S. Congress or the Secretary of the Interior. As of 2004[update], a total of 156 rivers have wild and scenic status.

Selected rivers in the United States are preserved for possessing outstandingly, remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, cultural, or other similar values. Rivers, or sections of rivers, so designated are preserved in their free-flowing condition and are not dammed or otherwise impeded.

Designation as a wild and scenic river is not the same as a national park designation, and generally does not confer the same level of protection as a Wilderness Area designation. Instead of enacting mandatory conservation measures, the goal is often to preserve the character of a river.

National Wild and Scenic rivers are each managed by one or more agencies of the federal or state government. Of the 156 National Wild and Scenic Rivers, 38 are managed under the Bureau of Land Management's National Landscape Conservation System.

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